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About Watt & Veke

At Watt&Veke, the home is our stage, the sofa an amphitheatre and lighting the play. We are always on the lookout for the latest lighting innovations in terms of trends, design and decoration – and always striving to make your everyday life a little brighter and more comfortable. We have a great deal of knowledge about authentic lighting, and quite simply know what distinguishes one beautifully illuminated environment from another.

Watt&Veke was founded in 1998 by Monika Lindström. Monika’s ambition was to create new, atmospheric environments using light to produce more than just illumination. We still work today in that same spirit, creatively combining inspiration, innovation, technology and manufacturing with the home, and above all with your experience in focus.

Watt & Veke's purchasing process

Just like our customers, all of our products have their own unique identity. Perhaps that’s why our lamps don’t look like other lamps. For us, design is as important as light quality, and it’s in the interplay between them that the magic lies. More than simply a few extra watts, our products are as much decoration as light source – they are objects that say something about you.

As well as keeping an eye on the latest trends and movements, we travel the world to bring home inspiration that helps us transform brilliant ideas into dazzling design. When we create our lamps, we want every bulb to make you long to be at home, in the darkest weeks of the year. We want to inject new light and new life into the character of your home and every gloomy corner. Our uniquely designed and high quality products are quite simply a cut above a normal lamp. When you buy a lamp from us, you know you’ll want to keep it when you redecorate your home. You know it’s a lamp that will continue to provide excitement, character, experiences, inspiration – and, of course, light!

Om Watt & Veke

Meet Åsa Schüllerqvist

It’s easy to start off on the wrong foot when making a lampshade. You take a beautiful fabric and put it on a frame that feels right. Maybe another attractive fabric as a lining? Then you hold up the result, admire it from every angle and feel extremely pleased with yourself. And finally, you put it on the lamp base and turn it on. But what happens next?

It’s not quite how you imagined it?
Very quickly you realise that the fabric really doesn’t let the light through in a flattering way. The pattern and the lustre disappear completely, or take on a totally different colour when the design of the fabric is combined with the warm hue of the light source. But there are other solutions, and these are often the key to designing lamps.

Extra fabric layers control the brightness
One solution is to add an additional layer of fabric to alter the translucency of the shade. But here too you need to be careful! If you block too much light, the brightness is reduced and can lead to different but equally undesirable effects, depending on the result you’re aiming for.

Timeless classics
Muted shades of velvet are always popular. Think of red theatre curtains, 19th century smoking rooms – or why not the slightly more eccentric 1970s versions? Whatever the inspiration, velvet feels exactly right for autumn/winter 2017/2018.

My own vision was clear: rich cylindrical shades of shimmering velvet, lined with a glossy, slightly wrinkled fabric, and one more layer: an intermediate one to completely block the light. Why? Because I didn’t want the velvet to be bleached by the light. Instead I wanted a glow and shine from the interior, with the light being cast upwards towards the ceiling and down onto the floor and the table.

The fabric is top quality cotton velvet. It took a while to decide on the colours, but we finally decided on quite a classic dark red, a 70s-inspired orange, a muted green and a dark blue-grey. Together the fabrics are extremely attractive, while simultaneously easy to use in a range of different environments. These jewels are also hand-made by skilful lamp makers, for that genuine feel. We hope you like them as much as we do!

Åsa Schüllerqvist

Selected favorites

The objective is a watertight cooperation between product development and sales
Anna Pehrson, CEO

Meet Anna & Erika

Two new trend spotters at the helm
Purchase manager Anna Pehrson and Market and Sales manager Erika Cederberg at Watt & Veke have a working history together. They got to know each other when Erika worked for Hermelin trades, a coffee machine company, and Anna was her customer working as a catergory manager for Pressbyrån and 7-eleven.

“We knew straight away that we worked really well together. The only thing missing was working for the same organisation”, says Erika.

A joint leadership is right in time and double the commitment
Annas job is to develope the lamp and shade collection for Watt and Weke. And also, to keep up up with the latest trends and to make sure the collection is right for the current market. Their vision is crystal clear! Sharpen the brand Watt & Weke and create an better product for both resellers and for the end consumer. We are also taking an important step with the lauch of our new website and online store. - Now we can build an even stronger brand, which will be in favor for our resellers, says Erika. Erika's main responsibility is the customer contact and marketing.

“Being able to get involved with a success story like Watt&Veke is a unique opportunity.There is a lot happening at Watt & Weke. Quicker, simpler and more attractive are our keywords”, says Anna. We are going to work even harder at inspiring and helping our customers.

“We complement each other perfectly – like Yin and Yang! Getting to work together now at Watt&Veke feels like coming home”, says Anna.

You can reach them at:
Anna Pehrson (sortiment- and purchase manager) +46 (0) 73 310 94 95
Erika Cederberg (sales and marketing) +46 (0) 76 102 25 10

Anna & Erika

Selected favorites

Design by Hanna Wessman

Hanna Wessman with Watt & Veke. Swedish interior designer Hanna Wessman jumped in to this project with great joy. Hanna besides lighting also design furniture and interior details, and you may know her from TV4’s show Äntligen hemma. Hanna thinks that lighting is very important both for the function and esemble of a room.

A beauitful lighting product is a great tool for a decorator. - It’s pure magic when light interacts with different surfaces and materials, hanna says.

The SPOON collection – containing SPOON CEILING PENDANT, SPOON TABLE LAMP och SPOON FLOOR LAMP – it’s elegant with its matt black finish and details in brass, it will bring an exciting retro feel to your space. Hanna is especially fond of 30-40-design and her lighting collection reflects a lot of her own personal style and taste. SPOON CEILING PENDANT is a real eye-catcher that bring character and playfulness to a room. SPOON TABLE och FLOOR are both elegant and the light from the adjustable shades hits the furniture and flooring beautifully.

The BOX collection consists of two different models – BOX CEILING SPOT: bring your walls to life with an direct light and BOX FLOOR SPOT: light up any dark corner, just like in an art gallery. Together they will add an harmonic feel and with the strict lines in the design also elegance. The entire collection has an dimmer function that you can use to set different moods with your lighting. Anything from functional reading light to that cozy dinner mood. You will find the collection in stores during this fall.

Utvalda favoriter

Design by AlménGest

Since 1991 Tony Almén and Peter Gest from AlménGest Design have made it their mission to seek  and find innovative solutions in product and interior design. The Swedish duo have gained attention at home as well as internationally, always with the same motivation: to create a harmonic bond between human and space.

AlménGest Design have a diversified sett of skills in their designing approach. Collaborations with IKEA, Waynes Coffee and the iconic interior design company Svenskt Tenn make for an impressive list, and it continues on growing.

Apart from designing aesthetically pleasing and timeless lamps our mission at Watt&Veke is to give light to the small yet annoying problems. Simply put – finding solutions.

Como was designed to be placed on a table right inside the front door, with an assembly point for all sorts of small yet important objects: keys, coins, receipts or anything else that you might have gathered during the day. Because we all know how good it feels to empty your pockets at the end of a long day, and how hard it can be to find those tiny objects if they are spread all over your home.

Como works equally as well as a bed lamp. When it is not used as an assembly point it is still easy to fall in love with its’ timeless style, whichever shade or expression you choose.

Selected favorites

We are going to work even harder at inspiring and helping our customers.
Erika Cederberg, CEO

Design by Anna Hörling

Ever since graduating from the Industrial Design program at Konstfack, Stockholm, in 1993, I have been fascinated by the attractive force of light. Working with the physically sculptural shape of luminaire is among my favorite things to do. At the same time I am fascinated by the great shadows that take shape when turning on the light.

Plafond Anna – designed 2010
The plafonds available in stores before Anna was drawn were mainly straight, cylinder shaped designs in woven linen with outdated and ordinary expressions. The idea behind Anna was therefore to create a modern and discrete design adapted to rooms with lower headroom, which are highly represented in newly produced apartments. Apart from the experience of a pleasantly lit room, the design was made to stand out – like a discrete flower in the ceiling.

While working on Anna I put great effort into designing the curve of the handle to create a resilient shape. I experimented with different sizes of the center hole, partially to make room for the wrinkled fabric but also to cover the construction of the lamp. The thought behind the wrinkled silk and synthetic fabric was to design a piece that would fit all different spaces in the home environment. From living room to bedroom.

Anna can also be found in many spots outside of the home, among other places at Classic Café and Gröna Lund in Stockholm.

Plafond Ingrid – designed 2012
Ingrid is a sequel to Anna, designed at the request of Watt & Veke. The modell is based on the same idea and construction of Anna’s steel body but with a more modern design. I added more metal rods and an additional steel cirkle at the bottom in order to create even more resiliance in the shape.

The choise of textile was crucial as the design itself needed a fabric capabled of covering up the construction but at the same time enhancing the steel body. Another challenge in designing Ingrid was being able to stretch the fabric enough to create the flat bottom of the shade. I ended up solving the problem with another steel circle keeping the fabric in place inside of the design.

Selected favorites

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