Cia nude/white
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Cia nude vit bordslampa
  • Cia nude vit bordslampa
  • Cia nude bordslampa
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Cia nude/white

Price2 499
Bottom diameter cm 20
Diameter cm 20
Product White
Cablecolor Black
Height cm 38
Length connection cable cm 125
Max watt 40
Socket E27
Watt 40
Material Papier maché
Brytare checkmark_tick.png

Imperfect, graphic shapes meet elegant and natural linen. Cia nude/white is a small and easy-to-place table lamp in a light color scale with a metal base covered in papier-mâché, a durable material made of paper pulp using a technique that dates back thousands of years. The soft beige base has a lovely matte finish that works nicely with the cylinder screen in white linen. Supplied complete with lamp base and a removable lampshade.

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